Friday, February 24, 2012

Posts that didn't get written

siSwati: How difficult can it be? English spoken here—softly. God is listening—with difficulty.

Culture shock one: Breasts are for nursing. When nature calls, step to the side of the path.

Culture shock two: African People Time. Do Africans not wear watches because they are on African Time, or are they on African Time because they don’t wear watches?

The news from Swaziland: Two terrible tabloids telling tall tales and teasing trash.

Crime and corruption: It’s the economy, stupid. “That’s how it is”.

The rights of Swazi citizens: Non-existent

Group 8:
38 of us “stage” in Atlanta; one leaves the next day. One leaves after two weeks of PST. Nine of us are ‘seniors’ of which six are RPCVs (7% of PC 50<). One (RPCV senior) is AD’d after PST; another (RPCV senior) leaves shortly (ET or AD?) Two girls are given ADs (the ‘Delta award’) and we ET. And Howard (another‘senior’) ETs to marry his Swazi sweetheart.

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