Friday, June 25, 2010


For the last two weeks we've been vacationing in very pleasant weather, enjoying time with family and friends, and not been thinking about the Peace Corps (much). The accompanying photo, taken during our travels, seems appropriate as we begin our service/adventure.
Today, we became Peace Corps trainees. There are 39 in our group; four of us from Washington State, ten of "senior" status, and six who are returned PCVs. A diverse group of enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers.
Tomorrow we fly out of Atlanta at 7:30 p.m., land in Jo'burg at 5 p.m Sunday, sleep at the airport hotel, fly to Manzini at 7 the next morning, and then are bused to our training site. Our training site is in Piggs Peak in the northwest section of the country at about 6,000 feet and we will start living with our host family July 1st. So our training begins--and this is a reminder that you might not hear from us for the next 75 days or so. We'll be in intensive training and who knows when we'll next be able to write a blog or have anything that requires electricity. If all goes well, we will be sworn in as volunteers on August 24th. We are excited about starting our new adventure and appreciate all your prayers and support.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Bits and drabs of info are trickling to us from Swaziland and we are excited to feel that we are finalizing our packing and other details.
We expect our pre-service training to be in the high veld. That means there is less chance of an encounter with snakes or scorpions, but it means we need to pack for warmth. Winter is just beginning on the other side of the equator and with elevation the temperature could be near freezing. Our weight restriction doesn't seem to be as limiting as the volume or size dimensions.
Cancel the summer whites. We've been advised to not bring anything white because it won't stand up to the hand washing.
Check the side bar for our temporary address. But note, again, it seems very doubtful we will be able to post a blog while in training. Same for e-mail. So we will try very hard to post a blog after meeting our class in Atlanta.
About the Peace Corps:
60% are female; 94% are single; 15% are minorities; average age is 27--median is 25; 5% of PCVs are over 50. So you can see, we are doing our best to push the envelope.