Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello out there.

This is a new experience (blogging, that is), so if you don't mind, here is a test run to discover and shake out any bugs. We have about three months before launching for the Peace Corps, and setting up a blog is only one of a few hundred things that need to be done. Besides the blog, we're anticipating our departure by packing up the house, getting finances and legalities in order, and practicing siSwati every night. From the PC lexicon, we can say "I have a cold" (nginemkhuhlane), "virus" (ligciwane), and "you are welcome" (wemukelekile), for example, so now we're expanding what we feel is an essential vocabulary by adding "where is the toilet?" (uphi umthoyi).

Most everyone we've talked to has suggested a blog. I hope we're up to it. The purpose is simply to keep everyone informed: It should be fun to read, and it should be fun to write. So don't look for any deep philosophising, and we'll try to not allow any complaints to enter, either. We hope to make posts short but frequent, rather than wordy but seldom. We expect you artists and poets will be checking for flowery words and lyrical phrases, and we know that the technicians and mechanics will be looking for misplaced commas and poor syntax. What I hope you'll find is descriptive explanations of our adventures.